Our independent high schools improve the outcomes of young people experiencing disadvantage

Education and job readiness programs give students an important boost that can be a defining factor for employment.
Education programs at Youth Off The Streets

At Youth Off The Streets, we believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage. That’s why we are proud to have registered clubs supporting us as we change young lives for the better.

This year, through the ClubGRANTS scheme, clubs have given generously to Youth Off The Streets by funding a number of outreach and education-based programs. One such program is the Jump On Board for Success (JOBS) program, proudly supported by Wests Illawarra.

The JOBS program engages our students in a series of work readiness workshops and accredited training, giving them the necessary skills and confidence when seeking work experience and employment. Thanks to the support of Wests Illawarra, young people experiencing disadvantage who attend Craig Davis College in Wollongong have had the chance to work and turn their lives around.

The program integrates these skills within the regular school curriculum, ensuring students receive the additional support they need to succeed. Working alongside Youth Off The Streets’ core principles of individualised learning plans, consistent support and a focus on student wellbeing, we’ve seen fantastic outcomes.

Not only have students been trained in the necessary areas, but six have achieved nationally accredited statements of attainment. Other students have successfully engaged in periods of work experience in their local community, while some have even found their first job.

“Wests Illawarra is proud to contribute to such a life changing project in our local community,” says CEO Daniel Munk.

Steve Armstrong, principal of Craig Davis College, says that these kinds of programs give students an important boost that can be a defining factor for employment.

“Often with our students, the hardest part is getting recognisable skills and a proof of education, so thanks to Wests Illawarra and the ClubGRANTS scheme, our young people are on track for success,” Mr Armstrong says.

The JOBS initiative is just one of our successful programs supported by clubs through the ClubGRANTS scheme, and we are very grateful for this support. The delivery of programs such as JOBS gives disadvantaged young people a better chance at turning their lives around and achieving their full potential.

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