About us

Youth Off The Streets is a not-for-profit youth organisation. We work with young people, their families and communities to create safety, offer support and provide opportunities to build a positive future.

Since being founded by Father Chris Riley, we have grown over the past 30 years to deliver a range of wraparound supports for young people. These include crisis accommodation and housing services, independent high schools, alcohol and other drugs counselling, youth justice support, life skills and employment programs, cultural support and community engagement, among other services.

We are a non-denominational organisation with a focus on early interventions that empower young people and strengthen communities.

Father Chris Riley

Find out more about our Founder, Father Chris Riley, and his work helping young people turn their lives around

Father Chris Riley with his Great Dane

Our people

Led by a skilled leadership team, we employ more than 200 dedicated staff and rely on a community of over 330 generous volunteers

Our vision, mission & strategic plan

Learn more about what drives us and how we plan to continue delivering positive outcomes for young people, families and communities

Annual reports & other publications

Learn more about our activities and financial performance, and read the latest issues of our Streets Ahead newsletter

Our child safe organisation

The safety and welfare of the children and young people in our care is our highest priority

Reconciliation Action Plan

Through our RAP, we are working to build respect, understanding and stronger relationships with First Nations Australians

Our Scholarships team


Explore job opportunities across our programs and services and find a rewarding career with great benefits

Our PRIDE values

Everything we do is underpinned by our PRIDE values: passion, respect, integrity, dedication and engagement.

One young person at a time

“If you save one child, you save the world. That’s my focus. One kid at a time. And if they put on my tombstone that I saved one kid, then that would be more than enough for me.”