Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsoring a Youth Off the Streets initiative is a simple but impactful way to support young people in need. Read on for our current sponsorship opportunities.

Our National Scholarship Program

Established by Father Chris Riley in 2004, the National Scholarship Program celebrates the talents and strengths of young people who show extraordinary promise but lack the support and resources to fulfil their potential.

Every year, over 20 young people from across Australia are awarded a Youth Off The Streets scholarship to pursue further education or training. In addition, each recipient receives an individual mentor who provides guidance and support during their scholarship.

Financial assistance from generous corporate and individual sponsors gives these promising students the opportunity to take their education to the next level, achieve their goals and build a better future for themselves.


How sponsorship helps young people

  • Your financial assistance will help a young person cover the costs of approved educational course fees and equipment, uniforms and educational resources over two years
  • Each young person in the program is connected with a professional mentor who provides dedicated guidance, advice and support throughout their studies. This gives the young person the best possible chance of success
  • Dedicated staff from Youth Off The Streets support all participants throughout the program

What our sponsors receive

  • A profile completed by your student to introduce themselves and share more information about their interests, hobbies and career goals
  • Twice-yearly reports on your student’s progress and personal development
  • An invitation to the National Scholarship Awards Ceremony


Due to COVID-19, we’ve had to cancel or delay our signature events in 2021.

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Support a student to reach their potential

If you’re interested in sponsoring a student on behalf of your organisation, please email our Corporate Partnerships team



If you’re an individual supporter keen to find out more about the program, please email our Scholarships team