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A Day on the Farms

Youth Off The Streets young people reach out to drought affected farmers.

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International Day of the Girl Summit

A special day dedicated to celebrating young women in the community.

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Thank you to our supporters who have sent these kind messages to young people in need this Christmas:
We hope to bring a little bit of joy to you during the holiday period. xx
Courage and self belief will help you move mountains.
Know that you are all in our thoughts throughout the Christmas Season and in the future. We hope that you can make a life for yourselves given a bit of help.
Dream big and chase your dreams
Best wishes & God Bless
There is light at the end of that tunnel--look out for it and grab it when you see it
There are better days ahead.
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
Through all of the adversities of life, remember that you are loved, and every new day is a new opportunity for growth and change. Look towards the future with hope. As long as you truly believe in yourself and have the determination to take action, you can achieve anything. May your future withhold many blessings and harvest the good fruits of a good, strong will. May your Christmas and New Year be abundant with joy, hope and love. God Bless! :)
May Christmas bring you peace, love and friendship
Merry Christmas from all of us at Adept Air Conditioning!
Most of us go through tough times which prepares us to be better people in the end, stay positive and take care of yourself.
I hope that you find some joy this christmas
You are loved by God
I hope you all keep believing that things will get better than where you have come from. It may take time though just keep believing.
Merry Christmas to you all. Thinking of you on the Christmas holidays, know there are empathetic sincere and kind adults in our communities. Sending all my Love to you and God Bless. Remember to have a few laughs and some fun. Share it with other's XXX.
Believe in yourself, you are so special x
Please know there a lots of people who care. Stay positive kind and safe.
Don’t lose hope. You never know what tomorrow may bring. Bless you.
hang in there, with support things can get better.

Our National Scholarship Program is looking for sponsors!

Sponsoring a scholarship is a direct way to support one young person from the community to overcome disadvantage and get closer to achieving their dreams and reaching their potential.

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All about our Inner West Youth Homelessness Service

At Youth Off The Streets we offer a range of services for homeless youth

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A day on the farms

This week the young people from Youth Off The Streets are visiting regional country towns as part of their Service...

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