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I feel spiders on my face…

I feel spiders on my face…

“I feel spiders on my face”, “I didn’t feel any pain when my hand went through the glass window”, these are just some of the...

Learning On The Land

Learning On The Land

Written by Amy Gill, Teacher at The Lakes College. Walking up the grassy hill from the paddock below the boys excitedly tail...

COVID-19: Adapting during a crisis

While it seems much of the world has now been put on hold, the harsh realities our young people face daily have not, and in many cases their disadvantages have been heightened by COVID-19. The impacts of COVID-19 have made young people more isolated and interrupted...

All about our Inner West Youth Homelessness Service

At Youth Off The Streets we offer a range of services for homeless youth

Youth Profile

This is Jack’s Story

Youth Profile

This is Trudi’s Story

Our Focus

To help disconnected young people to discover greatness within.

Create Safety

Youth Off The Streets’ goal is to see that no young person is denied the right to education, safe accommodation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, counselling and other support services aimed at breaking the cycle of disadvantage, abuse and neglect.

Support Growth

There is self discovery, development of skill, growth and education for young people involved in our programs and services.

Open up options

Youth Off The Streets empowers young people to participate in and transform their future through the development of their skills, confidence and relationships with each other, their families and their communities.

Inward Referrals

Any referrals of young people who come directly to an individual program. Intake is based on young people meeting the appropriate age and other criteria specific to a particular program.

Outward Referrals

Any referrals of young people in care to other services who can support them; either in partnership with us or if we are unable to continue to support them ourselves.

Advocacy for Young People

The individual support provided by staff across all other programs to assist and empower young people to access another service or program or deal with a family of community issue. Each month, an individual young person may have many instances of advocacy across a range of areas of need.

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