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A Day on the Farms

Youth Off The Streets young people reach out to drought affected farmers.

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International Day of the Girl Summit

A special day dedicated to celebrating young women in the community.

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Thank you to our supporters who have sent these kind messages to young people in need this Christmas:
You are heard. You are understood. You matter. And always tell yourself that, you matter! You always have mattered and always will matter. It is your responsibility to tell yourself how brilliant you are. Live your brightest life, healing is every day work for all of us.
God bless you.
Christmas spent with those who care about you is a special time. God bless.
Work hard to be a good person knowing there are people who care and hopefully good things will come to you all.
May you all have a happy and blessed Christmas. God Bless.
Happy Christmas. Keep up with your effort and you'll make it!
I really do hope that life becomes a little kinder to you. You deserve it :)
Merry Christmas, may all your dreams come true
I hope you find some peace & happiness this festive season and continue on the right path with the help of YOTS, with a little help you just never know what you can achieve.
God bless ypu all
I hope this small donation brings you some peace and contentment. My heart goes out to you and your sadness.
I pray that you will find peace and happiness in the future.
When life seems bleak to you, I want you to remember there are people out there who do care. This is one small way I can show I care about you, even though we’ve never met.
No matter how bad things may seem there are always people to help you
Although we don’t know each other, it’s important for you to know there is love in this crazy world. Keep strong. Love yourself enough to be ‘better’ and you will succeed in love and life. Merry Christmas… xoxo
I wish you a special time of peace and hope at this very special time of Christmas. May this be a happy day for you.
I wish I could be there for you, but my small gift is all I can do. Just sending you much love, you are all very special. Merry Christmas.
Everyone has a special guardian angel- may yours bring peace, happiness and courage.
Please do not give up hope. Stay strong and always ask for help. Remember you are not alone and with the care of Youth Off The Streets you have a family.
We are thinking of you and hope you have a nice christmas

Our National Scholarship Program is looking for sponsors!

Sponsoring a scholarship is a direct way to support one young person from the community to overcome disadvantage and get closer to achieving their dreams and reaching their potential.

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All about our Inner West Youth Homelessness Service

At Youth Off The Streets we offer a range of services for homeless youth

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