Reconciliation Action Plan

Youth Off The Streets strives to be a culturally and socially inclusive organisation with strong connections to First Nations young people and partners in the wider community.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan helps us achieve cultural safety throughout our organisation, and ensures that we build and maintain respect, understanding and strong relationships with First Nations Australians.

Youth Off The Streets’ vision for reconciliation is to support the needs and aspirations of First Nations Australians by:

  • acknowledging and respecting the cultural diversity of colleagues, young people and communities
  • building trusting and meaningful relationships
  • listening to communities and the young people we support
  • learning and sharing our stories
  • building opportunities to ensure that every individual contributes to creating a better future

Through our Innovate RAP, which was developed in 2017, we focussed on:

  • building cultural awareness for all staff
  • establishing and developing relationships with Aboriginal Elders, communities and organisations where our programs are located
  • implementing Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country protocols
  • improving knowledge for all staff through access to current and culturally appropriate information

We are now developing our Stretch RAP, which will embed reconciliation initiatives into each area of Youth Off The Streets as ‘business as usual’, focussing on longer-term strategies and defined and measurable goals.

These will include:

  • continuous learning in First Nations Australians’ culture, customs and protocols
  • learning, listening and creating significant partnerships with young people, Elders, communities, stakeholders and employees
  • ensuring RAP information is included in employee inductions, so that all Youth Off The Streets staff understand our reconciliation goals
  • consulting with First Nations management and employees to establish a networking and mentoring strategy, among other initiatives