Sienna came to Youth Off The Streets with a long history of family instability due to domestic violence and constantly shifting homes. The disruption meant that Sienna had missed out on crucial years of schooling and fallen behind her peers.

Once under the supervision of Youth Off The Streets at one of our independent schools, Sienna started to receive the care and attention she urgently needed to build her self-esteem and start to repair some of the damage her violent upbringing had wrought on her.

With access to counselling and the support services we provide, Sienna was able to greatly improve her situation and continue her education in an understanding environment with a curriculum that was responsive to her specific needs, interests and talents.

When Noah came to us he was disengaged from education and at risk of social marginalisation.

Noah benefited from an approach to learning we have at all our independent schools called Restorative Practice, which encourages positive changes in a supportive and encouraging environment.

With the support our independent schools provide, young people like Sienna and Noah start to receive support tailored to the individual and complex academic, psychological and vocational needs they require.

Often Youth Off The Streets is the last chance for some of these young people to re-engage with life and build a better future.




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