In these challenging times it’s important that we stay strong and remain positive so we can look after ourselves, our loved ones and the most vulnerable in our community.

These are the homeless and disadvantaged young people who need our support to overcome the ever-increasing financial and emotional stress they’re facing as a result of the pandemic – young people like Ryan*:

Ryan slept on trains and used his phone and free Wi-Fi wherever he could find it in order to do his schoolwork. To Ryan, it was better to rack up train fines than to go home, be around his dad and live in fear.

After his parents’ divorce, Ryan looked after his younger sisters while his mother worked nights in an effort to put food on the table. Along with no computer or Internet access at home, Ryan’s mental health began to quickly deteriorate and his schoolwork suffered. His dreams of going to University and study law began to slip further of reach.

Ryan needed help so he turned to his local YOTS Outreach for brokerage support. Little did he know, he would find much-needed support in other areas of his life as well.

We organised a laptop and internet connection at his home to assist with his studies. We also helped him to map out some goals, including counselling for his anxiety, paying the fines he had accumulated and going to university.

His hard work paid off and had been accepted to study law.

But then came another hurdle: COVID-19.

His mother lost her job, and Ryan once again shouldered great responsibility. He dropped out of his degree and worked two jobs to provide for his family.

It’s our young people who bear the brunt of this, and as a result more kids are reaching out to us for support.

The worst thing we can do right now is give up. But with your support, we can be there for kids in need for as long as it takes.

Please make a kind donation** today so we can reach out to young people like Ryan who desperately need your support to get through this crisis.

To read more about Ryan’s incredible story, please click here. 

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our young people

**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $90 can provide financial advice and education to a young person in need – including help with rent, utility bills and education
  • $295 helps our Psychologists provide tailored support to young people experiencing stress or mental health issues
  • $600 can run our Leadership program, developing young people’s personal and professional skills while giving back to the community
  • Other
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