A second chance is a powerful thing.

It shows those kids who haven’t made the best choices in life that their past doesn’t have to dictate their future.

These are the kids that many people dismiss as “out of control”, “up to no good” and deserve to be “locked up”.

But you and I both know there is no such thing as a bad kid, only bad circumstances.

Young people like Chris are proof of that.


Chris was 17 when he was arrested for his involvement in a violent four day riot. 

He was facing serious criminal charges that would have bought him jail time.

Days earlier his entire world had collapsed. Two of his closest friends died in a huge car accident following a police chase.

In response, nearly 300 people were involved in a frenzy of violence, chaos and destruction. In the aftermath, Chris was one of nine people arrested.

As he sat there in custody, this 17-year-old’s future was looking grim.

But experiencing the hopelessness of growing up poor and struggling day in, day out had already made Chris feel like he was destined for failure:

“I couldn’t keep up in school so I dropped out. I can’t get a job. I drink, get into trouble with my mates. I’ve never done anything right and now I’ve been arrested. Where can I go now?”

Some people would say kids in Chris’s situation are a lost cause. But that’s not us.

Our work with young people is more than just helping kids stay out of trouble. We are committed to helping them become positive and productive members of the community, supporting their dreams and teaching them essential life skills.

You can support our locally-run programs that help at-risk kids deal with anger issues and anti-social behaviour, learn self-discipline and seek assistance if they are facing court or are in juvenile detention. 

After he was released from custody, we took Chris under our wing and encouraged him to do voluntary work in disadvantaged communities, helping other young people in need. He showed such promise and dedication that he became a trainee youth worker.

“That second chance changed my life…I’m now committed to paying it forward – helping kids who need someone to understand them, believe in them and never give up.”

Like you, Chris is there for young people in crisis no matter what. What’s just as wonderful is how far he has come. He is now a management executive at Youth Off The Streets, leading a team that is dedicated to helping disadvantaged and vulnerable kids.

Please support at-risk kids with a kind donation* today. Together, we can be there for young people who are facing a grim future and need that second chance.

*All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $79 can provide one supervised court assistance session to help stop a disadvantaged young person falling through the youth justice system.
  • $473 can provide one out of 8 intensive sessions addressing offending behaviour, providing job skills and preparing up to 14 young people for life outside juvenile detention.
  • $1102 can run seven Boxing and Breakfast sessions for up to 15 at-risk kids, providing nutrition, fitness and healthy ways to manage anger.
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