You can change the lives of young people in crisis.

With a kind donation today, you can help more young people like Courtney feel loved and supported.

Courtney’s story

Courtney grew up in a house of drugs and domestic violence. Being home was too dangerous when her dad was there and when Courtney was in Year 6, her mum died.

There was no other family to turn to and Courtney had little support at school. As most kids her age prepared to start high school, Courtney fended for herself on the streets.

She couch-surfed, slept in refuges, or on trains. Courtney drank heavily and often passed out in city parks or on pavements that made her all the more vulnerable to danger.

Courtney’s story shows how quickly a young person can find themselves in a desperate situation.

But you can give kids like Courtney the vital support they need with a generous donation today.

Through the kindness of our supporters, we helped Courtney to safety and back to school. After graduating high school, Courtney found meaningful employment and now lives independently.

She is a very different person to the lost and lonely 13-year-old we met when she first came into our care.

Courtney now works at a youth drug and alcohol rehab centre, has a car and is privately renting. She also has a daughter of her own – a 17-month-old.

As Courtney says “I want to give my daughter every opportunity I never had when growing up.”

You can help more young people like Courtney have the opportunity to lead happier, more productive lives.

Please give generously to bring hope and safety to homeless and vulnerable young people .

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our young people

**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $84 can give a homeless or vulnerable young person a hot meal each day for 6 weeks while also accessing crisis support services
  • $360 can provide 10 young people with vital support like counselling and drug/alcohol rehabilitation
  • $1,170 helps reach up to 30 kids in crisis who need access to food, shelter, hygiene support or medical attention
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