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Getting work can be an uphill battle


Like many of us, 17-year-old Jake dreams of a better life for himself and his family. But without a steady job, Jake has no way of providing for his disabled mother and younger brothers who all rely on him for support.

Your donation today can help empower disadvantaged young people who are struggling at the very start of their working lives.

Disadvantaged young people like Jake have even more barriers that make finding work that much more difficult.

An uncertain future

Growing up in poverty, Jake had little access to the extra educational aid he needed to overcome his learning disability and keep up in class. He struggles with reading and writing, and when it comes to applying for work, the odds are stacked against him.

Young people who have grown up in the shadow of unemployment and poverty, with little access to quality education often lack the skills required to get a stable job.

They need help from generous people like you to break the cycle of disadvantage and have a happy and promising future like all young people deserve.

Youth Unemployment in Australia is over double the national unemployment rate

Some disadvantaged areas we work in are experiencing unemployment rates over 20%. Being young and unemployed is a growing social problem which can cause mental health problems as well as leave kids vulnerable to drug and alcohol use, leading to higher levels of crime.

You can help prepare kids for life

Youth Off The Streets work closely with kids like Jake to help provide them the foundational skills required to manage as an adult. We provide work-readiness workshops and assist with literacy, numeracy, computer skills, communication and presentation.

Youth Off The Streets works hard to bridge the gap, ensuring young people are equipped with the skills and confidence to get a job and keep it.

Our Work Ready programs include:

Mentoring: to build trust and allow young people to ask questions and share their concerns about their employability.

iDrive: helps kids get their licence which is essential for those going into a trade.

Resume and Interview Preparation: provides advice to disadvantaged young people on resume writing, how to apply for a job, along with interview tips and techniques.

After School Homework Services: drop-in services to help kids stay ahead with school assessments and any areas of support they may need tutoring in.

Presentation Skills: to help young people understand what is appropriate workwear for the type of industry they are looking to gain employment in.

Skills Enhancement: offered via our outreach programs and schools to provide foundational life skills needed for adulthood and working life, including: basic literacy and numeracy, computer skills and communication.

Aftercare Services: after young people have completed our job-ready programs, we offer Aftercare Services that connect them to employment and training opportunities, helping them successfully integrate into the community.

NEW: Registered Training Program

Youth Off The Streets has recently been approved as an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) to offer certified training courses to disadvantaged students. This certification means we can equip young people with work-ready qualifications across a number of vocations and professions.

We currently offer Certificate I and II in Foundation Skills for Work, with a look to expand our range of specialist training programs in the near future.


*All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $78 Can help a young person become job-ready with resume writing tips and interview preparation workshops
  • $158 Can help a young person earn their driver’s licence (essential when entering a trade)
  • $423 Covers tools, safety equipment and clothing for a young person on job placement
  • $1050 Can provide clothing and travel expenses for a young person attending work experience
  • Other
    $ .00

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