Please don’t turn away. Right now, thousands of young people in Australia are homeless, isolated and scared.

Sadly, the only thing these young people will wake up to on Christmas morning is loneliness and despair. 

But together, we can give our young people hope.

Jessica* calls the train home

Some kids like 15-year-old Jessica*, call the midnight intercity train ‘home’. As the train pulls out from Sydney’s Central Station at 12:45am, Jessica bunkers down under a blanket for the all-stops ride to Wyong on NSW’s Central Coast.

“It’s warm and free – as long as you avoid the guards,” she says calmly. “The train’s easier than finding a bed somewhere. And it’s safer than sleeping at Central.”

Many of these kids have had terrible upbringings, and with nobody to guide and care for them, they are on a slippery slope. But with your help, we can do something about it.

If we don’t give these kids a chance, who will?

Every day, Youth Off The Streets is on the frontline, working at every level to tackle youth homelessness and disadvantage. These services include:

– Our Street Walk program and Food Van to provide food, safety and shelter to those who most need it
– Crisis accommodation and transitional housing
– Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
– Outreach programs, guidance and counselling
– Schools and alternative education programs
– Job-ready workshops and accredited vocational courses to enter the workforce

No-one chooses to end up on the streets. Yet in Australia, 1 young person in every 100 sleeps rough every night. On Christmas morning, they will wake up to nothing. Please donate today to help us repair young lives and give them a future. Don’t leave our kids to battle the world alone.

*Name changed for privacy reasons
**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $70 Can give 1 young person hot dinners for a week
  • $350 will help run 1 outreach session for a young person over Christmas
  • $1125 Can fund our Street Walk program for 3 nights to keep kids safe
  • Other
    $ .00

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