this winter

don’t leave them

out in the cold

Peter* was still a boy when his father kicked him out. But the streets are no place for children. In the grip of winter, when the refuges are full, Peter was forced to sleep on the streets in the freezing cold. He was scared and he was angry, and he masked his pain through drink and drugs. We were all set up to help Peter the minute he was released from Juvenile Detention. Sadly, he died from a drug overdose before we had the chance.

Benjamin* is living proof that with our programs – and your ongoing support – lives can transform for the better. At 15, Benjamin was homeless, addicted to heroin and a veteran of juvenile detention. Today, Benjamin has a Bachelor of Social Science and a Masters of Social Work. He has helped kids around the world, just like we helped him.

You can read more about Peter and Benjamin’s story here.

Both of these young men suffered the same harrowing childhood but their lives took different paths. This is why it’s crucial we reach vulnerable young people early. 

Our programs are designed to do just that. Together we can get disadvantaged young people like Peter and Benjamin off the streets and out of the cold.

Please help us meet the urgent needs of homeless young people, before it’s too late.


*Names have been changed for privacy reasons

**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $70 can help provide 10 hot dinners from our volunteer-run Food Van
  • $180 can facilitate a trauma counselling session for 4 young people
  • $400 can provide a drug and alcohol rehabilitation session for 10 young people
  • $1350 can help our Outreach youth workers reach 30 young people in crisis who may need food, shelter, counselling or educational support
  • Other
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