Please make a kind donation today to support young Australians who have been hit hard this year by the impacts of COVID-19. Let’s show some much-needed Christmas spirit to those who need it the most.

Young people like Jade* have been plunged into unemployment and poverty in the wake of the pandemic. They are experiencing added anxiety and isolation as a result of living with increased drug and alcohol abuse, domestic and family violence, mental health issues and homelessness.

As job losses and evictions continue, more young people and their families need the most basic support.

The worst thing we can do right now is give up. But with your support, we can be there for young people in need for as long as it takes.

Please make a kind donation** in time for Christmas today so we can reach out to young people like Jade who desperately need your support to get through this crisis.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our young people

**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $84 can give a homeless young person a hot meal every day for 6 weeks
  • $450 buys gift cards for young people staying at our refuges this Christmas
  • $1,170 helps reach up to 30 kids who need access to food or shelter over Christmas
  • Other
    $ .00

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