Become a Street Lights partner

Street Lights is our monthly giving program. By donating a small amount each month, you can make a big difference to the lives of young Australians in need.

The compassion and generosity of our Street Lights partners allows us to help some of the 28,000 young people who are homeless on any given night in Australia – and the many thousands more who are experiencing other forms of disadvantage.

A monthly donation from you means that we can plan and deliver our services to young people more effectively.

Since being founded by Father Chris Riley in 1991, we have grown to deliver a range of wraparound supports for young people. These include crisis accommodation and housing services, independent high schools, alcohol and other drugs counselling, youth justice support, life skills and employment programs, cultural support and community engagement, among other services.

We are a non-denominational organisation with a focus on early interventions that empower young people and strengthen communities.

We can only achieve this with the support of our generous donors.

Your monthly gift as a Street Lights partner will go a long way towards helping young people in need:

$25 per month can help our Street Walk staff provide safety and support for homeless and vulnerable young people in crisis.

$50 per month can help provide urgent casework assistance to at-risk young people who need immediate access to support services.

$80 per month can help support our psychologists to provide assistance to young people experiencing trauma, anxiety and other mental health challenges.


To become a Street Lights partner

  1. Go to our Donate page
  2. Select ‘Donate monthly’
  3. Select an amount – or enter your own
  4. Complete the form
  5. Submit

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