Our vision, mission & strategic plan

Our vision is that all young people have the support and opportunities they need to be defined by their potential, not their circumstances.

At Youth Off The Streets, our mission is to support and empower young people in need to build a positive future.

Everything we do is driven and underpinned by our PRIDE values.


At Youth Off The Streets, we have a dream and we believe in our cause.

  • We are positive and keep moving towards our goals
  • Our staff conduct themselves with energy, enthusiasm and dedication
  • We advocate for young people and speak up about the issues they face


At Youth Off The Streets, we are quick to listen and slow to speak.

  • We acknowledge and appreciate the strengths of every staff member and young person
  • We value others and accept individuality and differences of opinion
  • We respect ourselves, our organisation, young people and the environments in which we work


At Youth Off The Streets, we know actions speak louder than words.

  • We conduct ourselves honestly and ethically at all times
  • We represent our organisation and mission professionally in every interaction
  • We do the right thing because it needs to be done, not because we seek recognition


At Youth Off The Streets, we persevere in our work, no matter how challenging it is.

  • We are willing to do what it takes to make a difference
  • We persist in advocating for young people
  • We enjoy turning obstacles into opportunities


At Youth Off The Streets, we reach out to each other.

  • We collaborate with colleagues, young people and the community
  • We actively listen to others and seek to understand their point of view
  • We identify each other’s strengths to encourage positive change


Our strategic plan

See the key priorities for Youth Off The Streets in 2023 as we develop a new strategic plan for 2024–2027

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Confidence to thrive

Young people facing challenges need the skills and self-confidence provided through education that allows them not just to survive, but thrive, throughout their lifetime.