Gemma’s Story

July 23, 2020

All I ever wanted to do was be a good role model for my little sister. I wanted her to know that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to, because things weren’t always easy for us.

While I was still a child myself I had to care for my younger siblings. I wanted to work towards a better life, one that I could share with my little sister and that’s what has always kept me motivated. But I never dreamt I would actually come this far. My goal was always to make it to year 10 and that’s as far as I thought I could make it and I guess I had just accepted that.

Fast forward to today and I’m about to be the first one in my family to make it all the way through to Year 12 at EDEN College. The confidence this has given me has made me want to even further my studies as well. I have now enrolled in a CERT 2 in hospitality at TAFE and have also gained part time employment.

EDEN College was there for me when I had no one and for that I am forever grateful. For a while it was the only place I felt truly safe, but I didn’t think I would end up actually enjoying my time there as much as I did and actually enjoying completing school work.

Being financially independent and enrolled into studies makes me so proud and I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve. I feel as though I have shown my younger sister that she can do anything she puts her mind to, despite even the worst of circumstances.

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