Year 12 students experiencing disadvantage graduate from EDEN College

Youth Off The Streets celebrates EDEN College's first group of Year 12 students to graduate from the school.
Students experiencing disadvantage graduate from EDEN College

Two out of five students in disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds drop out of school before year 12 and this is the case in many areas we work in such as in Sydney’s West. As education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage, young people in these areas need our help to continue their studies and work toward bright futures.

Our independent high school EDEN College is proud to have their first ever group of Year 12 students graduating this year. Completing the Higher School Certificate is daunting enough for young people experiencing disadvantage without the added stresses of not only deciding what to do after school, but also adapting to remote learning and rostered days in the classroom due to COVID-19.

Despite all these challenges, Lisa Hobden, School Manager of EDEN College, is happy to report excellent attendance and dedication from her first Year 12 class.

“This first group of Year 12 students can see their achievement on the horizon now and with all these opportunities available to them they feel as though they can go out into the world after school with confidence rather than dread. Completing the HSC is a huge achievement and opens up all sorts of opportunities for these young people. “

Completing the HSC will allow so many different prospects for young people experiencing disadvantage to reach their full potential and to expel their newfound confidence out into the world. One young person, Matilda*, is approaching the HSC at the end of the year and says she couldn’t be prouder.

“I never dreamt I would come this far, my goal was always to get to year 10 and that’s as far as I thought I could make it. Now I’m the first one in my family to make it through to year 12 and I am so glad I can be a role model for my younger sister too. I hope I can show her that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.  I’ve even been able to enrol into a TAFE course to get my CERT 2 in hospitality and continue my studies further.”

Completing year 12 has given these young people incredible opportunities to not only get their HSC but for many to pursue further education and employment that they would not otherwise have access to. Younger students at EDEN College also now get a fantastic set of role models, who understand how the college works and have experienced and overcome similar hardships.

Congratulations to EDEN’s first Year 12 class and keep up the terrific work!

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