Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship Program

Youth Off The Streets  nominations for the 2014 National Scholarship Program have now closed.

Results of the 2014 nominations were advised in early June.

Aim of the Program

In 1991, Father Chris Riley founded Youth Off The Streets with the mission of providing all young people with the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential and to break the cycle of poverty, disadvantage and marginalisation.

At Youth Off The Streets we believe that all young people should be given the chance to achieve their best. Through our National Scholarship Program we will support those young people who show the potential and desire to further their talents, but who without assistance would struggle to move forward.

The Youth Off The Streets' National Scholarship Program gives young people throughout Australia the opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

How to become a supporter - call 02 9330 3500

Sponsoring a scholarship is a direct way to support one child from the community to overcome disadvantage and get closer to achieving their dreams and reaching their potential.

Youth Off The Streets invites businesses, trusts & foundations and individuals to contribute to the National Scholarship Program by providing sponsorship to the value of $12,000.

Benefits of sponsorship involvement

  • Naming rights to the scholarship funded
  • Brand alignment on program media releases at a state-wide and national level
  • Prominent logo and company name recognition on Scholarship award literature
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Scholarship Awards Ceremony in Sydney
  • Invitation to Youth Off The StreetsPresentation Night
  • Regular updates of how the young person's progressing

Sponsorship will provide scholarship funds of $6,000 direct to the recipient as well as attendance at a special award ceremony in Sydney acknowledging their achievement. It also provides dedicated staff support, community mentor management and support network connections for the duration of the scholarship.

How does the program work?

Nominations for the Youth Off The Streets' National Scholarship Program are not restricted to a specific study or training path. Nominations are invited from young people with genuine talent, ability and determination in any education or training course, including (but not limited to): academic skills; visual or performing arts; sport; trade skills; and music. The wide-ranging vocational goals pursued by the scholarship recipients will encourage other disadvantaged young people to follow their dreams.

Scholarship funds can be used to pay for educational course fees and also for support costs such as equipment, uniform, textbooks and stationery to ensure that the scholarship recipients have every possible opportunity to reach their goals.

In 2014 we are pleased to announce that over twenty young people from throughout Australia will be provided with scholarships of $6,000 each.

Scholarship nominations are shortlisted internally by Youth Off The Streets before final selection by the Selection Committee. The Youth Off The Streets Selection Committee, comprising of individuals from varying professional backgrounds and expertise, will assess the nominations and select suitable young people to receive scholarships. The Selection Committee will be looking for young people who possess genuine talent or skill and who can demonstrate a clear path to further their talents with support from the Youth Off The Streets' National Scholarship Program. Scholarships will be awarded to those young people who have a genuine need for financial assistance.

Support network

Along with financial assistance, Youth Off The Streets will match each scholarship recipient with a mentor for the duration of their scholarship, to provide support and guidance to help them to achieve their goals.Those recipients based in NSW will be matched with a face-to-face mentor. For recipients interstate Youth Off The Streets offers an innovative e-mentoring program, where mentors and mentees are in touch regularly.

Scholarship recipients will develop a Pathway Plan with Youth Off The Streets for the use of their scholarship funds. Scholarship funds will be paid in installments over two years, depending on the individual circumstances of each recipient.

Successful nominees were notified in June 2014.

Eligibility for nomination

➜ Nominees must be between the ages of 16 and 21 as at 20 September on the year of nomination
➜ Nominees must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia (evidence may be required)
➜ The young person nominated must have a clear need for financial assistance and be studying in Australia

Nomination guidelines
➜ Nominations may be made on behalf of a young person, or by a young person themselves
➜ A young person may only be nominated for one scholarship per year
➜ Scholarship recipients will be required to develop a Pathway Plan, which clearly shows their goals and how the scholarship money would be used
➜ All nominations must include at least one reliable, independent referee letter, confirming the personal circumstances and talent, skill or ability of the young person nominated
➜ Successful nominees must have an external person who is an adult eg. parent/guardian, case worker, teacher, youth worker, coach who can regularly consult with the National Scholarship Program staff on their progress
➜ Nominations for the National Scholarship Program are not restricted to a specific study or training path and are taken from all Australian states and territories
➜ Nominations are invited from young people with a genuine talent, ability and determination in any education or training course, including (but not limited to): academic skills, visual or performing arts, sport, trade skills, and music

To view the full terms and conditions for your nomination, click here.

How to Nominate

Making a nomination for the Youth Off The Streets National Scholarship Program is easy!

  • Complete the nomination form - printing in capital letters clearly in black or blue pen or complete online
  • Answer questions in as much detail as possible.  The Selection Committee will want to see that there is a clear idea for use of funds, as well as genuine need for assistance
  • Attach your independent written reference (cannot be nominator or any family relation)
  • Ensure that you have read and understood the Nomination and Terms and Conditions
  • You must remember to sign the nomination form or tick the declaration online.  Unsigned or unticked nomination forms will not be considered

Click here to download and print a nomination form for your information only. Please check again next year for the 2015 National Scholarship Program.

For any queries phone: (02) 9330 3500 or