Create Safety

We want to see all young people living in safety. Our goal? To ensure that education, safe accommodation and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are available to everyone.


Young people at risk are often alienated from their family school and community. This makes it harder to deal with substance abuse issues. We can help.

Early Intervention & Prevention Programs

a place to stay

Young people have the right to feel safe all the time. We help young people move off the streets and into safety.

Homeless Services

Residential Programs

Youth Off The Streets focuses on the immediate needs of a young person through its services and programs.

Sara's Story

Crisis support put Sara back in school

See how Father Chris Riley's Youth Off The Streets supported her.

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Support Us by doing a Sleepout

Do your own Sleepout and see what it is like to be on the streets for a night

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Bankstown Outreach

Bankstown Outreach working with the community

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Help us get youth off the streets

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At risk

A young person who is at risk can have issues of substance and other abuse, alienation from family, school and their community.

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