What We Do

Young people who come to Youth Off The Streets leave our care prepared for a brighter future. That means having a high school education and a job in hand. It means living free from drugs with skills to face the world.


There are many reasons why young people turn to us for help. Kids may feel unsafe due to family violence, or flee home to escape sexual abuse or neglect. Some feel unwanted by a parent/guardian, or unwelcome because of family breakdown.

Whatever the reason, we’re here to help and our first priority is to create a safe environment to keep kids off the streets and away from danger.


Some young people find school to be a real struggle. Trouble at home, learning difficulties and bullying can make it hard for kids to cope and stay engaged in the classroom.

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage. The aim is to get students more engaged in their education and equip them with the skills to achieve their full potential.


When our young people finish their schooling, we want to give them every opportunity to discover their greatness within so they can go on to live happy, productive lives.

We assist by offering a range of programs to get kids work-ready. This includes helping them transition into further education, vocational or workplace training and eventual employment.

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