The Lakes College – an alternative high school

October 9, 2017

The Lakes College is an alternative high school dedicated to providing tailored and focused education for students who may be at risk of falling behind in mainstream schooling.

The Lakes College offers a curriculum catering for students’ academic, psychological and vocational needs. Our accredited high school is designed for young people as a transitional program. It is targeted at students who are motivated to complete their Year 9 course, Year 10 ROSA or students who need further opportunities to develop workplace skills in an alternative setting.

Academic Subjects On Offer

The Lakes College offers academic subjects in: English, Science, Geography, PDHPE, Construction, Mathematics, History, Industrial Technology, Work Education and Service Learning.

In addition, pastoral care programs, work ready activities, sporting programs and service learning projects complement the delivery of a flexible curriculum, which caters for students’ individual abilities, interests and needs.

Lakes College Staff

Our staff at The Lakes College know that not everyone can thrive in mainstream education.  Students choosing to attend The Lakes College may have been unable to thrive in the mainstream because they may be homeless, from a disadvantaged background, affected by substance addition, recovering from abuse and/or victims of bullying and/or trauma.  Our teachers aim to provide young people with the opportunity to achieve an education in an alternate setting. We do this by focusing on individual interests and skills and linking learning with those strengths in order to help them progress on their path to their own end goal.

The Lakes College is one of our four accredited high schools. Together, we deliver a holistic approach to learning and teaching that considers the needs of each student, helping them to develop resiliency and skills for life.

Youth Off The Streets operates four registered and accredited high schools over six campuses. For more information about the rest of our schools, please click here.


If you know a young person who will benefit from The Lakes College, please contact our School Manager, Ben Cook.

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the 2018 The Lakes college annual school report

The Annual School report is available in hard copy upon request. Please email

the lakes college


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