Craig Davis College

August 25, 2015

Craig Davis College works in collaboration with our other four schools, delivering a holistic approach to learning and teaching that considers the needs of each student, helping them to develop resiliency and skills for life.

The school supports students to complete Years 9 to 11, offering a well structured, highly integrated and engaging curriculum that aims to empower young people with educational strategies and pro-social skills so that they can make informed decisions about positive change. The school offers a flexible program during the school day with a greater emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy skills throughout each lesson.

The College is an accredited high school, with a considerably different environment to that of a main stream high school, supporting the individual needs of each young person that attends the school. The school also assists in equipping students with the skills required to access further education, training or employment.

We have a strong commitment to assist our students while at school and when they leave Craig Davis College. By the time a student has completed their education; they have a strong sense of belonging to the community and are on a positive path to further education or employment.

Craig Davis College aims to:

  • Create value and opportunity for positive change
  • Provide meaningful, relevant programs to disadvantaged and disengaged youth through quality teaching
  • Encourage students to strive for excellence and develop social consciousness
  • Establish a positive self confidence in which students can reach their potential

Programs offered: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Music, Leadership, Food Tech, Visual Arts, Service Learning, Health, AoD Education, Swimming and Sport. A counselling service is also recommended to students.

Craig Davis College is part of the Cordeaux Heights Centre, which is also home to our Bellami and Berkeley Outreaches and Youth Off The Streets Aboriginal Residential Care Services program.

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If you know a young person who will benefit from Craig Davis College, please contact our School Manager.

Darran Gardiner

T: 0488 651 777, 02 4223 7555 E:

2018 Craig Davis College Annual School Report

The Annual School report is available in hard copy upon request. Please email

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