Chapel School

August 25, 2015

Chapel School offers an opportunity for young people to make positive changes for the future.

More than a decade of experience has taught us that education is one of the most effective ways to break the cycles of abuse and poverty that can trap so many
young people.

Chapel School is the Merrylands Campus of Key College. It is an accredited high school catering for students wanting to complete Year 9 and Year 10, offering
a flexible curriculum that responds to the specific needs, interests and talents of young people who have been disconnected from mainstream education.

Chapel School programs are individually tailored to support each student and provide them with access to curriculum and education. Chapel School also assists
in equipping students with the skills required to access further education, training or employment. Additionally, Chapel School uses restorative justice models to support students to make pro-social choices about their lives. Chapel School aims to:

  • Create value and opportunity for positive change
  • Provide meaningful, relevant programs to disadvantaged and disengaged youth through quality teaching
  • Encourage students to strive for excellence and develop social consciousness
  • Establish a positive self confidence in which students can reach their potential

Programs offered: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, Music, Drama, Leadership, Food Tech, Visual Arts, Service Learning, Health, AoD education, Swimming and Sport. A counselling service is also available.

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If you know a young person who will benefit from Chapel School, please contact our School Manager.

Nathanial Baker

T: 0418 214 048 E:

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