A gift in your Will

A gift in your Will – also known as a bequest – is a wonderful way to change the lives of vulnerable young people beyond your own lifetime.

Youth Off The Streets Fr Riley speaking with youth

Every young person has the potential to make a positive contribution to our world. Leaving a gift in your Will to Youth Off The Streets is a powerful way to help disadvantaged young Australians reach their full potential and transform their future.

A legacy of kindness and hope

Preparing a Will enables you to decide what happens to your estate or assets after you have passed on. It is also an opportunity for you to continue to support the causes you believe in, and the work of organisations that share your values.


Steps to leaving a gift in your Will

  1. Decide how you want to provide for your loved ones in your Will.
  2. If you choose to recognise Youth Off The Streets in your Will, consider whether you wish to leave a specific sum of money, a percentage of the value of your estate, or an asset such as real estate, shares or bonds, or an item of particular value.
  3. Visit a solicitor to have your Will written or updated with a codicil.

Download our Gifts in Wills brochure

To learn more about leaving a legacy gift to Youth Off The Streets, click on the link below

Gifts in Wills

Sample wording for your Will

If you would like to see some suggested wording for your Will, click on the link below.

Sample wording

A lasting legacy

“ I have so much respect for Youth Off The Streets. I first volunteered with their Street Walk program and it opened my eyes to just how tough it is for some kids. For me, it’s a privilege to be part of the Youth Off The Streets family by leaving a gift in my Will. I know it will be put to good use. ”


Contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

If you have decided to leave – or are considering leaving – a gift in your Will to Youth Off the Streets, please contact us so that we can keep you up-to-date with our work, and invite you to special events so that you can hear firsthand how your support will create a lasting impact

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In memoriam

A memorial donation to Youth Off The Streets is another powerful way to help give hope and a brighter future to young people in need.

Youth Off The Streets envelopes are available for funerals and memorial services.

Request envelopes for a funeral or memorial service

You or your funeral director can contact us for envelopes prior to the service and we will forward them to you

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