Youth Off The Streets’ Sleepout gives your community a unique chance to participate in something that is making a real difference.

Sleeping rough provides a very real connection to the reason why Youth Off The Streets is in desperate need of the funds that you will be raising through sponsorship of your participants.

All funds raised will contribute to supporting the lives of the 47,000 young people who are facing the challenge of homelessness, neglect and abuse, drug and alcohol dependancy and exclusion from school.

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“The rain cleared, the people came and the stars twinkled.

Once our movie was over I said farewell and thank you to all those people who supported our movie night and went with the team into a building where we chose a spot to make our home for the night.

At first it was still warm and I felt excited about the novelty of trying to sleep on a hard floor with no pillow, no mattress or sleeping bag.

We spent time together on reflection tasks trying to imagine if we were homeless how we would survive.

We talked about feeling hungry, feeling vulnerable, feeling scared.

I started to feel hungry, I started to become tired and I started to wish for my own bed, my own room, my own family.

It was going to be a long night.

Between 2am and 5am all I could think of was trying to stay warm, trying to fall asleep. I could do neither.

As I walked in my front door, I smelled bacon, toast and craved fresh orange juice.

I felt dirty, smelly and wanted to brush my teeth. After a shower and breakfast, I crawled into mywarm, soft bed and fell fast asleep for 2 hours, it never felt so good.

We are more aware, we have experienced in some small way even if for only one night, what it feels like to be homeless.

We came home, the youth on our streets don’t.

* Told by a Sleepout participant from Knox Grammar 2014.


How Your Sleepout Fundraising Helps Homeless Youth

$10 can help provide a young person on the street with a hot meal from our Food Van.
$40 can help provide a bed in our crisis refuge so that a young person is off the streets and in a safe, supportive environment.
$50 can help provide educational materials for a young person attending our high schools so they have the opportunity to learn.
$100 can help provide clothes and shoes for a young person so that they can stay warm and well during Winter.



Your Sleepout will help young people like Jayden:
"Most of my life I wanted someone to have a bit of faith that I could go places and be successful. And no one did… until I came to Key College.
Since leaving home I have had many problems with housing, alcohol, drugs and money. With all the support from Key College I have risen above my demons and I feel a lot better for it.
My family once told me I would never make it through school but they were wrong!”


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