Please help young people like Jackson continue their education and thrive

Please help young people like Jackson continue their education and thrive

Jackson grew up with a single mum with debilitating health issues and, from a young age, he took on the role of carer. He would cook, clean and take care of his two younger brothers in a small two-bedroom home.

 “Sometimes I couldn’t hear myself think. Doing homework was impossible, especially with my brothers in the same bedroom. I had no privacy, ever.

 “On the days Mum was bedridden, it was up to me to go to the shops, buy food and cook dinner. I was exhausted. Maths homework seems so trivial when you’re trying to get by every day.”

Slowly but surely, Jackson’s engagement with school declined. He couldn’t keep up with his schoolwork, started losing friends and became disruptive in the classroom. He regularly skipped classes and eventually he was expelled.

Thankfully Jackson heard about Bowen College – one of Youth Off The Streets’ six accredited independent high schools.

With small classes, a flexible curriculum and a dedicated team of teachers, youth workers and psychologists, our schools are well-placed to help students with complex individual needs. Many are dealing with homelessness, family violence, poverty and/or mental health issues – all significant barriers to staying at school and completing their education.

The additional care and support we provide to our students includes nutritious meals, counselling services, employability training, sport and recreation programs and intensive tutoring programs.

Your gift today will help to give young people like Jackson the extra support they need to thrive at school and reach their employment and education goals. Thank you!


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Thank you for making a difference

As Youth Off The Streets’ Founder, Father Chris Riley, once said:

“I am proud that we are an organisation that will never give up. We will never stop advocating for youth and we will never stop offering our nation’s most vulnerable the chance for a brighter future.”

Thank you for helping young Australians recover from trauma, break the cycle of disadvantage, and build a better future for themselves.

Thank you for donating to Youth Off The Streets

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We have supported and empowered young Australians experiencing disadvantage for over 30 years. Our generous donors and partners have walked with us every step of the way.

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