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Youth Off The Streets’ 30 for 30 Challenge aims to raise $300,000 for young people in need.
Change a life through the 30 for 30 Challenge

The 30-day challenge starts this November, and every dollar raised will go towards services that support disadvantaged youth. 

The virtual fundraising event is free to join and will raise much-needed funds to support programs for at-risk young people. 

“As everyone is different and has unique skills or goals, we thought creating an event that allows our participants to make their own challenge would be a lot of fun,” says Christine Roberts, Head of Revenue and Partnerships. 

Whether a fitness activity, giving something up or learning something new, participants choose their 30-day challenge and reach out to friends, family and colleagues to sponsor them to complete it. 

Sarah Bennett, who grew up in Norah Head, NSW but currently lives in San Francisco, California, has already raised more than $1,000 and will challenge herself to give up alcohol for 30 days. 

“I changed jobs six weeks ago and realised alcohol had become a crutch for what was an extremely stressful job and period of my life,” she explains. 

“I took a few weeks off between jobs to refocus on myself, develop healthier habits and regain some structure, including exercise and mental health.” 

Sarah initially gave up alcohol for ‘Sober October’ but decided to join the 30 for 30 Challenge not only for her wellbeing, but as an opportunity to raise money for young people in need.  

“The 30 for 30 Challenge has provided even more reason to stick to it, given I have support from others to help drive my success,” she says. 

Before Sarah moved to the United States, she supported Youth Off The Streets by donating furniture, and hopes the challenge will demonstrate to her daughter that charity begins at home. 

“It breaks my heart that young people are at risk of homelessness and mental health issues when they don’t have positive support mechanisms in place, including caring family and friends,” she says. 

“Money won’t completely solve the problem, but it sure helps contribute to their wellbeing and supports programs that educate them to take care of themselves and develop stronger coping tools.” 

Christine agrees and says the event also seeks to spread awareness of the challenges facing many young people in Australia, and Youth Off The Streets’ work to support and empower them to build a positive future. 

“We are encouraging our supporters, corporate partners and the general public to take part,” she says.  

“We believe their support, in whatever form it takes, will be invaluable. There will be a direct impact not only on the success of the 30 for 30 Challenge, but on the work of Youth Off The Streets for years to come.”

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