Accor Hotel Group makes a real difference

The Accor Hotel Group prepares and delivers 400 meals for young people in Sydney Homeless Service.
Accor Hotel Group volunteers for Youth Off The Streets

Employee engagement and office morale can be difficult to navigate through COVID-19. However, the we are pleased to share how one organisation has used the unique skills of their staff to make a real difference to those in need through our corporate volunteering program.

“This is like eating in a restaurant!”

“The Tiramisu was my favourite!”

“Yum! I’m soooo full but can I have seconds?”

These are just a few “rave reviews” from our young people who last week got to experience some very special meals made by the Accor Hotel Group staff from the Sydney Airport precinct last week.

When Accor Hotel Group contacted us to offer their assistance, they devised an especially exciting way to bring their employees together whilst also providing food for those in desperate need.

Offering their hotel facilities and skilled expertise, they hosted a massive on-site cooking day at the Sydney Airport Novotel. This was all done with careful planning in order to prioritise everyone’s health and safety, adhering to NSW Health’s advice and rules.

The Accor Hotel Group invited their staff, including a number of talented chefs, to prepare and then deliver 400 incredible meals for our clients at Sydney Homeless Service last Thursday.

They made nutritious hot meals that were accompanied by some incredible desserts that enabled us to feed a large number of our clientele. The impact this had on our young people was sensational, especially being given such a high quality meal that they many had not experienced before.

This act of kindness also showed young people that our corporate partners really care about them, not only donating their money, but their time and effort as well.

This made a lasting impression on our young people and the positive influence has been felt through all of Sydney Homeless Service.

Nikki Little, the General Manager of Ibis Sydney Airport says ‘supporting Youth Off the Streets during this pandemic just makes sense. Our teams were excited to come together for this project.

The opportunity to work together and contribute to our local community in such a positive way – it is the Accor Heartist way.’

We would like to thank Accor Hotel Group for facilitating this activity that also enabled their employees to come together and give back to the community.

More importantly, we thank you for showing us that when a group of people unite behind a common cause and share a common purpose, great outcomes can be achieved!

We were so impressed at how Accor Hotel Group thought outside the box to boost employee engagement and provide these 400 meals.

If you are thinking of adapting your corporate volunteer program, please contact and we can discuss the different volunteering opportunities on offer.

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