44,000 homeless young people

There are 44,000 young homeless people aged 12-24 in Australia.

Mental Health

14% of young people aged 12–17 had a mental health disorder in the last 12 months.

Family and Domestic Violence

1 in 5 (1.7 million) women and 1 in 20 (428,000) men have been sexually assaulted and/or threatened since age 15.

Aboriginal young people

27% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are unemployed. This is the largest percentage across all age groups for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Child Protection

During 2016–17, one in 32 children received child protection services, with 74% being repeat clients.

Substance abuse

39% of young people aged 15–24 drink alcohol at levels that puts them at risk of harm.

Juvenile Justice

About 1 in 500 young people aged 10–17 are under youth justice supervision on an average day. About 3 in 5 (61%) young people in detention on an average day are unsentenced.

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