The aim of our holistic support is to empower participants with the skills and confidence to improve their own long-term health and wellbeing and in turn for this to have future impacts on the lives of people around them such as friends, siblings, children and partners.

Holistic support are now delivered across a range of Youth Off The Streets services.

These are some ways young people at Youth Off The Streets participate:

– Improved nutrition, food, diet, health, wellbeing.
– Increased physical activity – improved participation, health, skills.
– Improved life/social skills –cooking and sharing healthy food.

For example, we focus on improving the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged young people in our schools and services. A number of staff also benefited from participation in the project. An in-house registered Naturopath provided a range of services including:

– free health assessments for students and staff
– consultations and information focused on individual health and wellbeing goals
– education around physical activity, healthy bodies and the benefits of exercise
– education on nutrition, diet, eating patterns and healthy food choices
– education on social aspects of food such as communal cooking and food for celebration
– the benefits of healthy choices to assist with stabilising moods, preventing disease, controlling obesity, and other health issues

Practical components included:
– organised sport, movement and structured exercise activities
– health-based activities such as shopping, food preparation and cooking
– activities for general wellbeing such as controlled breathing and meditation

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