Education to change lives

We know that some young people struggle with school.

Trouble at home can make it hard to cope in the class room. Falling in with the wrong crowd can throw young people off course at school – and so can problems with drug and alcohol use. Learning difficulties and bullying can make school a terrifying environment.

And some young people just aren’t suited to a classroom where 30 students are competing for one teacher’s attention.

We know that when young people become disconnected from education, their futures are at risk.

Young people who enroll in Youth Off The Streets’ schools work with us to change their lives.

Our schools offer young people the opportunity to go back to school and achieve either the Record of School Achievement or the Higher School Certificate. We equip our students with the skills they need to continue their education, undertake vocational training, or enter the workplace.

Youth Off The Streets operates five registered and accredited High Schools over six campuses.

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“You’ve pictured a young person who needs an alternate learning environment. But what now?” – Father Chris Riley

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