5 Steps to get started

  1. What type of fundraising event you would like to organise.
  2. Complete the online Proposal to Fundraise form
  3. You will then receive your letter of Authority to Fundraise and digital fundraising pack for your activity.
  4. Now, hold your fundraising event and have a great time!
  5. Finally, tell us about your event and send the fundraising results through with the money raised. The sooner you send us those much needed funds, the sooner it will get put to great use helping disadvantaged young people and acknowledge you for your efforts.

Fundraising Ideas

Community Fundraising

– City2Surf, Sydney Marathon
– Trivia night
– Golf Day
– Bunnings BBQ
– Movie Screening
– Melbourne Cup Fundraiser
– Raffle

Office Fundraising

– Morning Tea, Bake Off or Cupcake Day
– Casual Friday
– BBQ Lunch
– Guessing Competition

School Fundraising

– School Sleepout
– Mufti Day with a donation for participating
– Join #laceitup and buy a pair of blue shoe laces for $5

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Proposal to fundraise inquiry

If you are interested in raising funds for Youth Off The Streets, please fill out the form below.

Please note:

  • Youth Off The Streets cannot reimburse any expenses incurred by you or the organising team. If you need to deduct expenses from your proceeds, this needs to be accurately recorded and reported. We do not provide insurance.
  • If receipts are required, you must supply the name, address and amount for each donation
  • All cheques must be made payable to "Youth Off The Streets"
  • Any promotional material which refers to Youth Off The Streets and/or uses the Youth Off The Streets logo must be approved by us prior to use


  1. Fundraisers must provide Youth Off The Streets (YOTS) with a clear written description of the nature, extent and duration of the fundraising activity, provide a budget of the proposed activity and provide information about the group or individuals organising the activity.
  2. All publicity should clearly state the intention for the money raised e.g. ‘Net proceeds’ go to Youth Off The Streets or ‘X percentage of funds raised will go to Youth Off The Streets’. Please ensure you keep accurate financial records with all incomings and outgoings as YOTS may need to access these.
  1. Fundraisers must make it clear in all their dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters that they do not represent YOTS, but are acting on their own behalf to raise funds which will be forwarded to YOTS.
  1. Fundraisers are not employees or agents of YOTS, nor are they acting in any other representative capacity for YOTS.
  1. Fundraisers undertake all fundraising activities on their own behalf and at their own risk. YOTS will not be liable for any injury, damage or loss sustained as a result of any fundraising activities. Fundraisers should note that they are not covered by YOTS’s liability insurance. Please check if your activity requires local council approval or any permits. This is the fundraisers responsibility.
  1. Any material or products requesting logo representation must be submitted to YOTS for approval. Permission for logo usage will attract conditions to protect the integrity of the charity and its brand, especially if the logo is marketing the activities of an external organisation. Approval is compulsory in this instance.
  1. Copies of ALL publicity should be forwarded to YOTS for approval prior to publication including media releases, invitations & posters. If the fundraiser wishes to promote YOTS, they must refer to our organization as ‘Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets’ and obtain any relevant quotes or information from the media manager directly for use in any published material.
  1. All costs and debts associated with the fundraising activity are the responsibility of the fundraiser. All funds raised should be forwarded to YOTS as soon as possible and within two weeks of completion of an event or, for ongoing activities, every two weeks for the duration of the activity.
  1. YOTS DOES NOT give registered fundraisers permission to collect from the public through door-to-door knocking. Soliciting donations in public places such as shopping centres is forbidden unless specifically arranged. Special permits may be required in this instance which will be the responsibility of the fundraiser.
  1. Please also discuss with YOTS any intended approaches to corporate sponsors. Please check our website for lists of people you are unable to approach at www.youthoffthestreets.com.au
  1. YOTS reserves the right to withdraw approval to fundraise should it be deemed necessary by our Organisation. All fundraising would therefore also cease immediately.
  1. Please be aware of the Charitable Fundraising Act and Regulations in your state. More information can be found online at the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming & Racing, or the relevant body in your State.
  1. The fundraising activity shall be conducted in the Fundraiser’s name, and is the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. YOTS does not assume a coordination role in the activity and its employees cannot assist in soliciting prizes or organizing publicity, (unless specifically arranged and agreed under special circumstances).
  1. The fundraiser is required to keep accurate financial.
  1. YOTS cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your event, provided they are properly document and the expenses to not exceed 30% of the total proceeds.
  1. YOTS does not take responsibility for any public liability associated with the running of any external event, either before during or after. All insurances and their associated costs is the responsibility of the organiser(s). Youth Off The Streets does not provide any insurance coverage for external fundraising events or its associated employees and/or volunteers. If you are uncertain if insurance may be required for your event, please ask us.

Success stories and events

Thank you to our supporters who have sent these kind messages to young people in need this Christmas:
Never give up, never lose faith. Love is the only way through.
I hope you were able to find some happiness this Christmas, and that 2020 is your best year ever!
Every day offers a new start with Jesus
Have faith, you are beautiful.
Never give up. Go forward. No matter what your past has thrown at yo, there is a bright and wonderful future. You can do it!
Stay safe! Lots of Love!
I love you 😍
Please don't give up and always know that people care and want the best for you
Thank you Father Chris Riley for giving our youth hope and faith
Everything is temporary.
Ask and you shall receive, God bless you all.
Best wishes for a happy and peaceful year ahead
Merry Christmas. Hope this helps in some small way x
We care for you
Believe in yourself and never give up.
We hope this gift of funds gives some vital support to the young people in need.
Sorry I missed Christmas but I hope this helps your wonderful work
I hope that 2020 is a better year
You have so much more life ahead of you than is behind you. Life does get better.
Hang in there. Always remember that you are loved and not alone in this world

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