Help young people suffering the terrible effects of domestic violence, abuse and neglect

Help young people suffering the terrible effects of domestic violence, abuse and neglect

At just 17, Scott* has endured more pain and heartache than most people experience in a lifetime.

Scott’s father was physically and psychologically abusive. His mother did her best to protect the family during his violent outbursts, but it wasn’t always possible.

One day, after another assault by his father, Scott left home and spent the first couple of nights on a friend’s couch. But he was so ashamed of what had happened to him that he kept his problems to himself. He didn’t know where else to turn, and he started sleeping on the streets.

He spent the next few months sleeping in alleyways behind shops, desperately trying to keep safe through the night.

Scott doesn’t deserve to live in a violent home, terrified of when the next bout of abuse will erupt. And he deserves more than an alleyway to sleep in at night.

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Together, we can give safety, practical support and hope to our community’s most vulnerable young people. Thank you!

Help a young person like Scott who is experiencing trauma and homelessness

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As Youth Off The Streets’ Founder, Father Chris Riley, once said –

“I am proud that we are an organisation that will never give up. We will never stop advocating for youth and we will never stop offering our nation’s most vulnerable the chance for a brighter future.”

Thank you for helping young Australians recover from trauma, break the cycle of disadvantage, and build a better future for themselves.

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