Macquarie Fields Outreach

August 25, 2015

Unfortunately due to the current situation with COVID-19 our group outreach activities are temporarily closed. We are still running one on one support and can be reached using the the contact details below. We greatly appreciate your support in this time and hope you are staying safe.

Macquarie Fields Outreach engages young people with their community

The Youth Off The Streets Macquarie Fields Outreach program was established in 2011 as part of the Koch Centre for Youth and Learning. Through our Outreach programs, we are helping young people connect with their peers and their families, and building stronger communities as we do so.

Staff coordinate and supervise positive activities in a safe and friendly environment. Outreach activities give young people the chance to meet youth workers. It’s often the first step to accessing help. We can support young people if they’re in trouble and put them in touch with the services they need.

Outreach provides:

  • Accessible activities. Outreach activities take place between 5 and during peak youth activity times. Because some young people work, and so do their families, we make sure there are plenty of after-hours activities so that everyone can get involved.
  • Focused initiatives. Everyone is welcome – but Outreach programs are designed for youth aged 12-21 years old.
  • Connected programs. Outreach activities are integrated with programs that already exist in the community.
  • Community input. Outreach programs are dynamic – and constantly adapting to the changing needs in our communities.

To make sure we meet the diverse needs of the young people who come to Outreach, Youth Off The Streets employs trainees who come from the local community.

Join us at Outreach

Claymore Outreach

Address: Claymore Youth Centre

Day & time: every Monday at 4:00pm

Koch Centre for Youth and Learning

Address: 86 Parliament Rd, Macquarie Fields NSW 2564

Day & time: every Wednesday 4:30pm-9:30pm

Street BBQ:

Address: last two streets (Leopardwood Pl & Grenvillea Pl)

Day & time: every Tuesday 3:00pm-8:00pm

Call or email anytime

T: 02 8796 6700  E:

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