Bankstown Cultural Support Team

March 16, 2018

The Cultural Support Team is a specialist response team of culturally skilled youth case workers delivering a range of strength based community development support activities.

Our team engages with hard to reach young people through outreach and soft entry points, by approaching them in their own environment, at times appropriate to them. We utilise Street Walk to build rapport and trust, only then do we create strong connections with youth allowing us to provide a high level of support.

The Cultural Support Team started in 2015, out of a growing concern that some young people weren’t accessing mainstream services, due to barriers stemming from cultural and religious perceptions. The Cultural Support Team is committed to servicing these young people that tend to fall through the gaps.

Our Outreach programs give young people the chance to meet youth workers. It’s often the first step to accessing help. We can support young people if they’re in trouble and put them in touch with the services they need.

Everyone is welcome

Our focus is on youth aged 12 to 25 but we encourage families to get involved. We work with local services to develop partnerships with the local community. We make sure most of our activities take place outside of work hours so there is no conflict with employment. The timing makes it easier for families to get involved.

  • Accessible activities. Outreach activities take place between 5 and 10pm – outside standard working hours and during peak youth activity times.
  • Focused initiatives. Everyone is welcome – but Outreach programs are designed for youth aged 12-21 years old.
  • Connected programs. Outreach activities are integrated with programs that already exist in the community.
  • Community input. Outreach programs are dynamic – and constantly adapting to the changing needs in our communities.

To make sure we meet the diverse needs of the young people who come to Outreach, Youth Off The Streets employs trainees who come from the local community.

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