ASPIRE Aboriginal Education Program

August 23, 2015

Aboriginal youth deserve to ASPIRE to greatness – and we’re helping them get there.

“It’s a great moment to watch when a young Aboriginal kid is learning about their history and family.” – Father Chris Riley

Education has the power to change the world. It is critical to break the cycle of abuse and poverty. We know that kids who succeed at school go on to succeed in life, and we know that all young people should be given this opportunity.

We want all kids to dream big – and achieve those dreams.

“We don’t want to see Aboriginal young people over represented at our services any longer. We want them to be equal and have every chance at success,” says Father Riley.

ASPIRE students don’t just learn reading, writing, and mathematics, they also learn about their culture and history. We work with Aboriginal Elders so that every student in ASPIRE can find a home in their cultural community.

ASPIRE is for teenagers in Years 9 and 10. ASPIRE teachers are dedicated to helping these students get the most out of high school. We create individual programs for each student that celebrates their success and supports their struggles.

Students go to school at the Chapel School campus and are supported by the local Merrylands community.

The ASPIRE Aboriginal Education Program is an investment in the Aboriginal youth of today, so they can be the leaders of tomorrow.

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