All young people deserve the chance to achieve their best.

The National Scholarship Program celebrates the talents and strengths of young people who exhibit extraordinary promise – but who lack the support and resources to fulfil their potential.

Every year over 20 young people throughout Australia are awarded Youth Off The Streets scholarships. They are granted $6000 each to help them pursue further education and training and work towards a positive future.


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Before Submitting

Please check that you have completed all of the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk *) before pressing the submit button.  If after you press submit you do not see a confirmation screen - you have missed one or more mandatory fields.

Please scroll down the page and check.

We encourage applicants to use the online application form below, however, if you wish to hand write an application, you can download a copy here.

If you have any questions or queries, please email us or call us on 02 9330 3537.

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Young Person Details

Support Person details

► Nominations must be made by a young person themselves, however assistance in completing the nomination is encouraged
► Successful nominees must have a support person who is an adult (e.g. parent/guardian, case worker, teacher, youth worker, coach) who can regularly consult with the National Scholarship Program staff on their progress
► The support person cannot be the referee for this nomination

Referee Details - Please provide contact details below for the Referee(s)

► Please scan and upload a signed referee letter to This letter should confirm the personal circumstances and talent, skill or ability of the young person nominated.
► This referee must be an adult (this could include a teacher, youth worker, coach etc.) and cannot be related to the nominee.
► The referee cannot be the support person for this nomination.
► The letter must be signed by the referee.
► Additional referee letters can also be supplied.
► The referee will be contacted for a reference check in June 2018 if the nomination progresses.

Provide contact details below for referee(s)

Referee No. 1

Referee No. 2

Nomination Details

Please attach copies of documentation (e.g. certificates, transcripts, awards and other relevant information) that support the achievements mentioned above. You can include up to FIVE documents. Please include your latest transcript or report from your education institution. Please make a note below of the documents that you are attaching. Alternatively, please email them to and include the name of the nominee in the subject.

If successful in your application, the scholarship funds are to help pursue the education/training goals described above and can be used for education related expenses such as upfront course fees (not including FEE-HELP payment) and resources. Using the template that you can find on our website, please provide us with a plan on how you think you might be able to utilise the funds. Please note – this isn’t a fixed plan, this is just for you to get an idea of how the funds can be spent.

Nomination Checklist

Nomination declaration


  1. Press Submit and wait for the application to process
  2. When you are redirected to the top of the page, check that the application can no longer be seen
  3. If you can see the application form please check that all mandatory fields with an asterix* have been completed and submit again
  4. Check you have received an email before closing the webpage
  5. If you have any queries please call 02 9330 3537


1. I declare that the information supplied on this form is true and correct.

2. I declare that I intend on being engaged in education in Australia until October 2021.

3. I declare that should my circumstances change (i.e. educational, financial, contact details or anything that will impact participation in the National Scholarship Program), I will inform Youth Off The Streets immediately.

4. I declare that I am a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand and will be between the aged 16 to 21 on 20 September 2019.

5. I declare I understand I will be required to actively engage with an allocated community mentor and provide updates to sponsors of education activities during the two year scholarship period.

6. I declare that I have read, understood and agree to the Nomination Guidelines and Conditions which can be downloaded at

APRIL 2019Nominations for the scholarship close
MAY 2019Nominees may be contacted for brief phone interview
JUNE 2019Referees of shortlisted nominees will be contacted via phone for a reference check
JULY 2019A Youth Off The Streets representative will visit successful nominees to complete program induction
AUGUST 2019All nominees will be notified of the outcome of their nomination by email
SEPTEMBER 2019Successful recipients will attend the National Scholarship Award Ceremony in Sydney
OCTOBER 2019Scholarship funds will become available to successful recipients


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