Street-Lights-Logo-Art - CopyThe Street Lights Program is our monthly giving program. It only works through the generosity of our incredible supporters. To join the Street Lights Program you are asked to donate a small amount each month – an amount that you wouldn’t miss.

The consistent income from our Street Lights Partners allows us to help some of the 44,000 young homeless people in Australia and the 603,000 young people that are living below the poverty line.

Knowing that your monthly donation is coming in means we can plan and deliver our services more effectively.

We offer young people over 35 services to unlock their full potential. We can only do this through the generous support of our donors. Joining the Street Lights Program is the most effective way to donate. Simply put, it’s a better way to give.

Be the difference today.

Your monthly gift will go a long way to helping young people in need:

$20 can provide our Street Walk program with a personal kit for a young homeless person. These kits include a tooth brush, toothpaste and deodorant.

$40 can help a young homeless person into safe accommodation.

$50 can help a disadvantaged young person in one of our high schools with stationery, books and other essential items.

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