When 17-year-old Jasmine* was found on the streets, she only had one possession and it was heartbreaking — an ultrasound scan of her baby, who she lost in a miscarriage.

After that terrible tragedy, the relationship with her family broke down. Jasmine became homeless. She had no one in her life and nowhere to go except our crisis refuge.

Demand for beds there has never been higher, as the government rolls back its COVID-19 financial support—putting families under pressure and leaving young people at risk.

Please will you give a gift** and make sure that no one is turned away when they find themselves in the same position as Jasmine—homeless, hungry and hurting?


Years of suffering had led Jasmine to becoming homeless. She had been abused and neglected as a child and after suffering her miscarriage, she was abandoned by her family.

Living on the streets, wracked with trauma, unable to form trusting relationships, Jasmine’s suffering would have only continued—if we hadn’t brought her to safety. Jasmine now stays at our crisis refuge most nights. She’s getting the support she needs to turn her life around, including specialist trauma counselling.


Now, as the government rolls back its COVID-19 financial support, stress and tension could trigger family violence—forcing many young people to flee their homes.


You can help young people like Jasmine escape the cycle of abuse and neglect. Please, make a gift to help young people like Jasmine find safety and begin their journey to a better future.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our young people

**All donations over $2 are tax deductible

  • $70 can help to provide urgent casework assistance for young people to access the vital support services they need
  • $390 will support our Street Walk program for one night, so caseworkers like Gary can bring young people to safety
  • $1,100 can help provide vulnerable young people with access to crisis accommodation and counselling
  • Other
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