you can bring VULNERABLE YOUNG PEOPLE to safety

Every disadvantaged young person deserves an opportunity to feel safe and unlock their full potential. Help get our kids out of crisis and away from danger.

Many of the young people we care for struggle every day with the horrors of homelessness, poverty, abuse or mental illness.  With your support we are lifting vulnerable young people out of crisis and supporting them with the services they need at every stage of their journey – safe accommodation, counselling and access to education and employment.

With your ongoing help we will be there for them for as long as they need us.

Your regular gifts enable us to plan and deliver our services more efficiently and effectively.  This is especially the case when we are asked to open new services in disadvantaged areas where the needs of vulnerable young people are not being met.

Our Street Lights Partners are helping to light the way out of homelessness and disadvantage for hundreds of young people in need. Thank you.

  • $25 Can help our Street Walk staff provide safety and support for homeless and vulnerable young people in crisis
  • $50 Can help to provide urgent case work assistance to vulnerable young people to access the vital support services they need
  • $80 Can help to support our psychologists to provide assistance to young people experiencing stress and mental health issues
  • Other
    $ .00

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