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Your gift today means that young people like Amy can call on us for emergency help in a time of terrifying crisis.


“I had to get away from home because I was scared of what Mum could do…I’m in a park and we don’t know what to do next…Will you please come and help me?”

When 14-year-old Amy* made this call to her trusted Youth Off The Streets caseworker, she was in desperate need. She had fled the violence of her home—at the hands of her mother. There was no time for her to pack belongings. She ran for her life with nothing but the clothes on her back. And now, she was sitting in a local park, terrified and alone. She had no idea what to do next.

At Youth Off The Streets, we do everything we can to help young people like Amy. Supporters like you can provide urgent and life-changing care. Everything from safe crisis accommodation and essential personal items like clean clothes and toiletries— to regular meal delivery and emotional support through counselling.

Sadly, Amy won’t be the last young person to call us in a moment of desperation when they have nowhere else to turn. You can help provide a safe alternative to returning to a home of abuse and neglect.

Please give today to provide a lifeline to young people like Amy during the most frightening times of their lives.


*We change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identities.

$70 funds caseworkers like Lisa to be there when the urgent calls for help come from young people like Amy, whatever the time of day.

$390 helps fund our crisis accommodation services to help young people feel safe and secure and stay off the streets.

$1,100 can change young lives by helping to cover the ongoing counselling and support costs for someone like Amy.

$25 per month Can help our Street Walk staff provide safety and support for homeless and vulnerable young people in crisis.

$50 per month Can help to provide urgent case work assistance to vulnerable young people to access the vital support services they need.

$80 per month Can help to support our psychologists to provide assistance to young people experiencing stress and mental health issues.

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