Lucy’s Story

Our Fairfield Outreach team had the privilege of witnessing the extraordinary journey of Lucy.*

When Lucy came to us she was experiencing homelessness and issues with her mental health, and now she is living independently and is employed by Qantas Australia!

Lucy was kicked out of home due to cultural barriers and pressures from her family. This was a very low point in Lucy’s life leading to several issues with mental health and financial difficulties. Alone and afraid, no place to stay and in severe debt, Lucy turned to couch surfing with various people.

This complete instability in Lucy’s life only intensified her mental health struggles as she relied on the kindness of others to have a couch to stay on each night. After a while, Lucy was no longer able to couch surf and turned to the streets.

Housing NSW referred Lucy to our Fairfield Outreach team.  Youth workers were able to step in and organise temporary accommodation for her to keep her off the streets and somewhere safe while she got herself back on track.

She began attending Fairfield Outreach regularly to connect with youth workers and have regular support. Our outreach staff support over 3,000 young people every year and Lucy is just one story among thousands.

Our youth workers worked hard to give Lucy as many opportunities as possible. They referred her to counselling services and helped her secure stable accommodation. They also helped her with the transition out of her temporary accommodation by working on her living skills.

The team worked with Lucy to put together a resume, which led to her getting an interview at Sydney Airport with Qantas. Staff practiced for the interview with her by role playing and after two weeks she got a call with a part time job offer. Lucy has been employed with them now for several months and is still living independently.

Without the hard work and dedication of both Lucy and our Outreach youth workers, this amazing result would not be possible. It’s young people like Lucy that give us the motivation to continue helping young people to transform their lives.

*Name changed for privacy

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