Connecting Young People to Youth Workers Through Outreach

February 24, 2020

At Youth Off The Streets we provide Outreach programs that connect young people to youth workers in their own community. These Outreach Services are often the first step for young people to access the support they so desperately need. By taking the time to connect and understand these young people, our dedicated youth workers can provide effective support.

One area where our Outreach Programs are making a difference to young people is in Cumberland through Auburn Outreach and the ROSES Girls Programs, funded by DOOLEYS.

Auburn Outreach is continuing to make a difference in the lives of young people in the area by giving them opportunities to engage in positive activities and connect with youth workers and peers. This early intervention approach is crucial in breaking the cycles of disadvantage these young people face on a daily basis.

The ROSES Girls Program also makes a positive impact on young people in the area by giving young girls the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in various workshops hosted by different youth services. Providing young girls with a safe space to do this is crucial to their development and overall health. We have a lot of activities at Outreach and other services that many boys engage in such as football and other sports. It’s just as important for the girls to have a safe place to engage in these activities together.

Thanks to the support of DOOLEYS we are able to continue running these services in the Cumberland area and reach young people in need. We hope to support many more young people in the area to achieve their best for years to come.

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