Reconnecting Young People With Their Culture and Community

The practice of mindfulness and meditation is one that is adopted by many walks of life. In Australia, Indigenous cultural healing focuses on the therapeutic benefits of connecting to Daddirri (the land) and being present.

Our Cultural Connections Program is proudly funded by Future Generation and gives young people the opportunity to explore these cultural healing practices through workshops, camps, ceremonies, dancing, art and yarning circles. By learning these practices young people can feel a sense of connection to their culture.

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people have been exposed to intergenerational trauma stemming from racism and stereotyping their elders have faced. This can lead to an overall disconnection from their culture and community.

Through trauma informed care, our Aboriginal Services team give these young people a chance to engage in cultural healing practices they can use in everyday life. This gives young people a therapeutic setting to live in the present and connect to the land.

Tyson Birtles, Manager Aboriginal Services, says the importance of living in the present is crucial for those experiencing trauma and dissociation.

“Our meditative practices focus heavily on living in the present. Connecting with the land is just one way we encourage this, by simply listening to your surroundings or feeling the earth it can really centralise you in the moment. Our anxieties live in the future and our trauma lives in the past, but living in the moment can be very peaceful.”

Our Cultural Connections Program continues to teach young people the therapeutic benefits of connecting to culture and land, giving them tools to overcome adversities in everyday life.

Thank you to Future Generation for funding our Cultural Connections Program and for your continued support.

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