A Ripple Effect- Ripples Art Off The Streets

February 4, 2020

Over 50 students from our independent schools made us proud when their artistic talents were featured in a collaborative art exhibition ‘Ripples, Art Off The Streets’ held at The Gaffa Gallery in the Sydney CBD.

The purpose of this eight month long project was to unleash the students’ creative expression in a safe environment whilst allowing them to explore their identity. The experience helped to build their self-confidence in their abilities.

Making art is also an effective way for kids who have experienced trauma and homelessness to visually express their emotions and heal from experiences of abuse, neglect and anxiety. For Vicki*, this art project helped with her mental health recovery. “It really helped me during a tough time and gave me the creative outlet I needed to express my feelings.”

The students were tasked to represent the element of water, either physically or metaphorically, when creating their own masterpieces, choosing from a wide variety of mediums like photography, sculpture, street art and film-making.

The amount of talent in the room was outstanding. The kids were excited to see their artwork on public display and have their voices heard.

The central artwork focused on the Youth Off The Streets Circle of Courage initiative. Visitors to the gallery were encouraged to join the students in their morning ‘circle’ while they reflected upon their feelings and place in the world. In creating this meaningful artwork, students showed great trust, respect and teamwork as they shared their personal stories and experiences.

The show was a huge success and brought big smiles to everyone who came along. Says one attendee,

“The high calibre of work these kids produced in such a small amount of time for this exhibition is amazing and being given the opportunity to display their hard work to the public is so rewarding for them”.

Thank you to volunteer Sally Mayman for organising this opportunity for the kids and well done to all of the young people involved for showing such courage, passion and creativity.

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