5 Reasons Why Volunteering for YOTS is for you

February 4, 2020

Volunteering with Youth Off The Streets is a special and unique way to offer support to vulnerable and disadvantaged young people in your local community. 

If you’re thinking of volunteering with us, here are five reasons why you should sign up now:

1. It gives you a sense of purpose and belonging

“The best thing about volunteering for YOTS is that it’s all about the kids; that is the main goal, to help kids in the local area unlock their full potential and seeing their progress gives you the encouragement to keep going”. – Andrea (Outreach Volunteer)

There’s no better feeling than knowing your actions are making the world a better place. And that’s what volunteering with YOTS is all about. It brings you together with other like-minded members of the community to work towards a common and important goal to help young people in need go on to lead happy fulfilling lives.

2. Volunteering connects you to others

“I met one of my closest friends whilst volunteering at one of the YOTS schools making lunches for the kids. Together we find it so satisfying spending time with the kids and being part of their journey to becoming empowered young leaders of their community”.– Benttina (Lunch Volunteer)

Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, reduces feelings of loneliness and enhances your quality of life.

3. It’s good for your mind and body

“I’ve always been someone that gives back to the community and volunteering for YOTS by helping with general facility maintenance is a great way to do it. It’s for the kids and I feel like I am contributing to their success”.  – Richard (Gardening volunteer).

Volunteering can do wonders for your mental and physical health. It relieves stress, keeps you in a positive mood and can increase your self-confidence as you make a real difference in young people’s lives.

4. It’s a fun and meaningful way to spend your time

“Volunteering my time to help YOTS is really easy, that’s why I’ve continued volunteering at the Food Van for the past 24 years. I just thought this is something that I CAN do and I appreciate the opportunity to do so. Now it’s a part of my life and routine.” – Larry (Food Van Volunteer)

Volunteering is a fun and easy way for you to engage in activities that you find interesting and meaningful. It can be a way to extend your interests, indulge your passions, or even discover new ones. It’s also a productive and socially impactful way to immerse yourself in an activity you might not otherwise do in your regular day-to-day life.

5. Volunteering shares and builds your skills and passions

“Passing on my skills to the young people is such a great feeling, knowing that I am part of something bigger and important, and watching them apply those skills is so special”.– Barb (Classroom volunteer)

When you become a volunteer with YOTS, you can contribute and build upon your skills in ways that are meaningful to you and valuable to the young people in our care.

It gives you the opportunity to advance your career by learning and practicing skills used in the work place and even gain new experiences that helps you grow as a person. At the same time, you are directly making a positive impact to a young person’s life.

Want to become a YOTS volunteer?

If you are interested in joining our team of wonderful volunteers our volunteering opportunities are listed at https://youthoffthestreets.com.au/support-us/volunteer-main/


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