Youth Off The Streets’ Graduation Ceremonies

December 13, 2019

This week, Youth Off The Streets have been proud to invite the community to celebrate the achievements of students at the graduation ceremonies of our six independent schools.

Despite the many barriers and adversity they face in their lives these students have graduated from their school year and achieved some fantastic outcomes.

Thirty students from EDEN College at our Macquarie Fields centre celebrated their achievements, from completing the school year to also achieving first aid certificates, part time employment, sports awards and many more.

At the Chapel School graduation at Merrylands, we were lucky enough to have Senator Andrew Bragg, Senator for New South Wales, unveil the newly refurbished Macintosh House. The refurbishment of Macintosh House at our Merrylands site was funded by the Australian Government under the Capital Grants Program.

A student from Chapel School also gave an emotional thank you to Youth Off The Streets staff during the ceremony.

“It has been such a successful year for me and I couldn’t have done it all without the support from the staff and volunteers” she said. “This year my attendance and marks have risen, I went on my first school camp and I also gained part time employment. Thanks to Chapel school, for the first time I can finally see a bright future ahead of me.”

At Key College in Redfern and Bowen a young student told and inspirational story about a overcoming multiple hardships whilst also completing the school year. Everyone in the room was moved as she shared her struggles with addiction, family breakdown and more issues no young person should be exposed to. The sad reality is these are struggles our young people face on a daily basis. Therefore, their efforts to still maintain such high attendance rates at our schools do not go unnoticed.

At Craig Davis College in Cordeaux Heights, we saw a smaller ceremony followed by a Christmas feast for students and guests.  Many students from Craig Davis were recognised for their involvement in the Sydney to Surfers Bike ride and for walking The Kokoda Track, both huge achievements that require dedication and commitment.

The final ceremony of the week was at The Lakes College, in Blue Haven with 23 students graduating their school year.

Youth Off The Streets has six independent and accredited high schools run across seven campuses in New South Wales. Each school supports young people who have become disengaged with mainstream education, through reigniting a passion for learning by structuring the curriculum so that it builds on each individual’s strengths.

Father Chris Riley always says that education is the key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and over the year we have seen many young people achieve great things in turning their lives around and achieving their full potential. Congratulations to all of our hardworking students, and dedicated teachers and volunteers for another year of great successes!

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