Greater Charitable Foundation lends a hand – in more ways than one!

December 10, 2019

In light of International Volunteers day this month, we’d love to acknowledge our Corporate Sponsor staff volunteers.

Last month Youth Off The Streets hosted a volunteer day at our Cessnock Op Shop. The shop was in desperate need of some attention and care so we asked our corporate partners Greater Bank to help tidy up and give the store a fresh new look.

Five employees from Greater Bank helped spruce up our Cessnock Op Shop. They improved the façade, painted over the pre-existing signage and cleaned up the shopfront windows, as well as painted the interior of the shop. This means the entrance is clear from clutter and the shop is much more appealing for prospective customers.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Kim Lenard, our Hunter Valley Outreach Manager who came and spoke to the volunteers about the Hunter Valley Suspension Program, funded by the Greater Bank’s Greater Charitable Foundation. The program provides much needed mentoring and support to students at local Hunter Valley schools that have been suspended. The support consists of practical and emotional support, as well as coaching in school curriculum, to ensure students don’t fall behind with their studies.

Staff and customers at Greater Bank branches have also joined our Christmas Hamper appeal, and we were delighted to take our first collection of much needed items from their Mona Vale store branch, which will help brighten Christmas for disadvantaged families in the local community.

This is a great example of a true partnership: we are working closely with Greater Bank and their Charitable Foundation to deliver real improvements and life-changing initiatives to the communities in which we both operate, which aligns with their community investment strategy. Additionally, staff have jumped on board to volunteer their time and efforts through volunteering on our Corporate Partner Volunteer Program. As well as all this, Greater Bank customers can also show their support, as the Bank has offered us use of their branches as Christmas present collection points, for distribution to young people and families over the festive season.

We are delighted to partner with Greater Bank and Greater Charitable Foundation with all these initiatives. If you would like to explore how we might partner with your organisation to meet your community investment strategy goals, get in touch.

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