Celebrating World Teachers Day with One of Our Own

October 4, 2019

Today is World Teacher’s Day, a great opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness of the role teacher’s play in the development of students.

This year we are celebrating one of our own terrific educators at one of our independent high school, The Bowen College

Melissa Davis is the School Manager of The Bowen College, our independent high school in Maroubra. She has been involved with Youth Off The Streets since 2000, initially as a supporter and attendee of our events before becoming a volunteer and then finally becoming a school manager.

Even before coming to Youth Off The Streets Mel had a passion for helping disadvantaged kids and worked as the head of wellbeing at a school to help kids in need. After running into an ex student at a Youth Off The Streets event, she began picturing herself aligning well in an advertised position at one of our schools. In 2017 she then became a School Manger at Youth Off The Streets.

“It was such an exciting environment to be a part of,” said Mel. “Even though in a mainstream school you can say that you focus on individual learning, it’s virtually impossible to do with that many kids under your care. Whereas at Bowen, I get the chance to really hone in on each individual and to be able to continually give them the support that they need.  “

Mel is also very proud of the attendance rates at The Bowen College and is grateful to be a part of supporting students to achieve these great results.

“It’s incredible to see the progress our kids make. Many students come to us with very poor attendance but at Bowen we have an 85% attendance rate because we can provide the support they need to be able to attend regularly. We really are like a family; it’s such a warm and nurturing environment.”

We are proud to have such passionate and dedicated teachers looking after our students in an alternative education setting. We look forward to seeing how they can support more young people to reach their full potential in years to come.

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