Courtney’s Story

September 14, 2019

Please help kids like Courtney move from homelessness to independence with a donation this Christmas.

Courtney* grew up in a house filled with drugs and domestic violence. At 13, she had no choice but leave home for the streets after her mum died. It wasn’t safe with her dad there. Homeless, scared and drinking heavily to numb the pain, she often slept in parks and areas that made her extremely vulnerable to danger.

Courtney was homeless for six months until Gary found her one December night huddled in a fire escape.

After getting her to crisis accommodation and enrolling Courtney in one of our schools, Gary arranged for Courtney to get help for her drinking problem through our drug and alcohol recovery support program.

For Courtney, the care she received from supporters like you was life changing and got her back to where she needed to be to lead a positive and productive life. Touched by how so many people helped her when she was at her lowest point, she now works at a youth drug and alcohol rehab centre, helping other young people to recover.

“Helping others who need someone to show they care is my way of paying forward the kindness and care you have given me. It’s now my turn to be the positive difference these kids need.”

It was with the kindness and generosity of supporters like you that restored the hope, confidence and determination Courtney needed to turn her life around.

Courtney’s story is one of many where the support from people like you has seen homeless and vulnerable kids realise the life they deserve. Sadly, with issues like a lack of housing affordability, youth unemployment and domestic violence, youth homelessness in Australia has risen 26%** in the last ten years. That’s why we need your support now more than ever so we can reach the growing number of kids in crisis.

You can help by supporting kids in crisis today with a donation today.

Courtney would like to share a few words with you. Click here to read.

*Name changed to protect the privacy of the young person

**According to the 2016 Australian Census

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