Youth In Focus At Merrylands

August 14, 2019

Youth Off The Streets takes Domestic and Family violence very seriously. 56% of all homeless youth leave home as a result of Domestic and Family Violence. Today at our Merrylands site we held a domestic and family violence Youth In Focus event to highlight this alarming statistic and help young people understand how to recognise the more obscure forms of domestic and family violence.

The day began with an acknowledgement of country presented by a young student at Youth Off The Streets. Our attendees then moved into focus groups to learn about and discuss the issues surrounding domestic and family violence.

In these focus groups, young people were given the opportunity to express their opinions and knowledge in a safe place as well as to ask questions and gain information on the topics.

Armena Softic, Family Violence Project Officer at Youth Off The Streets, said the day was an important part of Youth Off The Street’s steps towards understanding the knowledge our young people have on these issues.

“The aim of today’s event is to have young people’s voices heard and their views and opinions on domestic and family violence expressed. It is part of Youth Off The Streets’ journey to address the complexities of DFV.

After lunch young people and staff partook in the pledge against domestic and family violence provided by ‘Now and Forever NSW.’

The pledge finished with the following:

“I am committed to contribute to the efforts to transform my community, my state, my country and my world to end all forms of violence against children and young people. Together, we can end violence against children and young people. Now and forever.”

Youth Off The Streets is proud to be working toward addressing the issues of domestic and family violence in our communities. We are proud to empower the next generation by giving them the tools to speak up against violence in their own lives and communities.

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