International Youth Day – Transforming Education

August 12, 2019

This year’s International Youth Day is focusing on the theme of ‘Transforming Education’ highlighting the need for education to be inclusive and accessible for all youth worldwide. Youth Off The Streets is proud to provide a high quality alternative education for young Australians who may be disconnected with mainstream schooling.

Every year in Australia one in five young people aged from 15 to 19 and one quarter of all older teenagers drop out of education and are unemployed. (Foundation for Young Australians {FYA}, 2012). These numbers aren’t good enough.

Father Chris Riley, CEO and Founder of Youth Off The Streets, has always said that education is key to breaking the cycle of disadvantage and that every young person can reach their full potential with the right support and education.

For this reason our alternative schools have smaller classes than mainstream schooling to provide greater support for our young people.

As mainstream education is not always the best option for every child, our five independent high schools offer young people who may have become disengaged from education another chance to achieve the skills that they require to go on to further education, apprenticeships and/or employment.  Not only are we creating a more inclusive environment for students, but we take the time to get to know our students and tailor an education to help reach their full potential.

Whether it is through extra support or pathways, our schools provide a chance for students to achieve their Recognition of School Achievement or Higher School Certificate or even transition into other meaningful opportunities.

This International Youth Day we ask you to join us in advocating for equal education and opportunities for our young people to empower them to transform their lives and achieve greatness.

If you want to hear about our alternate education, click here.

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