Forgotten – A Call For Change During Homelessness Week

August 9, 2019

This Homelessness Week we have shared with you a range of information relating to Australia’s current statistics and issues relating to homelessness. Unfortunately, there are still not enough long term solutions being put in place to combat this issue.

Lex Lutherborrow, Deputy CEO and Director of Sydney Homeless Services, is disappointed at the lack of attention the homelessness crisis is receiving.

“National Homelessness rates have increased by over 30 per cent in the last 12 years,” said Lex.

“Homelessness needs a National response. It also deserved more comment this week politically.  We were asked to provide a ‘positive spin’ on Homelessness.  With this in mind, a “positive spin” was that at least an Assistant Minister mentioned the issue which was much more than the silent majority in government.”

The fact that there has been an entire week dedicated to this issue should highlight its seriousness; however, there has been little mention of it by those that can effect real change.

We are pleased, however, to have seen a range of community services across Australia working hard to raise awareness this Homelessness Week. Together, these services raised a number of related issues such as prevention, housing, alcohol and drug consumption, domestic violence and many more, reminding us that there is much that can be done to tackle this issue and it will require a multifaceted approach.

On any given night there are 116,427 homeless Australians, 43,555 of those being young people. This issue is certainly one that deserves much more attention. We need to give our disadvantaged Australians a voice and empower our nation to spark real change.

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