Active Outreach is a program run through Western Sydney Outreach that introduces young people to various sports through professional facilitators. The program was funded by Cumberland Council and we were able to help 77 young people access different sports like; parkour, basketball, boxing, oztag and healthy eating workshops.

Kayla*, a newly arrived refugee, is a great example of what active outreach can accomplish. She came down and participated in three sessions of soccer and displayed some serious skill! As a result, the team at Western Sydney registered her to play for a local soccer club using the funding provided for active outreach.

Kayla was a pivotal player for the soccer club and helped her team to a tournament victory – playing a crucial role in the grand final. Without the support of Cumberland Council and active outreach, Kayla would have missed the opportunity to develop her soccer skills.

Kayla wasn’t the only young person to benefit from the program. The funding allowed youth workers to register four young people at a sporting club of their choice and to purchase equipment for the sport of their choice.

Performance on the field is only part of the learning young people received from the program. To maintain peak performance, a young person must make positive lifestyle choices. To achieve this, the program ran nutrition workshops to educate young people on how to properly fuel their body.

We’d like to thank Cumberland Council for funding the program and helping 77 young people experience various sports and helping talented young people like Kayla unlock her potential.

*Name changed to protect the privacy of the young person.