Sharing a Love of Reading at Key College

July 11, 2019

Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn is not only a Senior Lecturer at The University of Technology Sydney, but is also our superstar volunteer at our independent high school, Key College!

Kim has been involved with Youth Off The Streets since 2003 where she worked coordinating ‘Get Reel’, a National Drug Education Program.

She was encouraged to get involved with volunteering at schools and became close with school manager of Key College at the time, Min, who she remained close with for many years.

“My family have always been heavily involved in volunteering and reminding me of the importance of giving back,” Said Kim.

“I’m inspired by the work Youth off The Streets do and in driving passion into young people. As an educator myself, I really resonate with the idea that once young people are given educational opportunities, and support, it can open so many doors.”

Kim and Min were discussing the importance of read aloud experiences for children one day, and together created the Picture Books Program at Key College.  The idea was created to give the students positive reading experiences that aid in their learning.

Once the Picture Books Program was created, Kim began becoming more involved in volunteering at Key College and helped develop the Picture Book Program more every year. In recent years, she connected her ‘network of mums’ to the school giving the children preschool kids to read to.

“When the students were around these kids it really brought out the best in them. I was always amazed at just how much they’d come out of their shell when reading to the kids.”

Kim has also been involved in both the scholarship and mentor programs at Youth Off The Streets.

“That role has been such a privilege although it is overwhelming at times as all of the scholarship applicants often have a strong case and needs our help.”

Youth Off The Streets would like to thank Kimberley for her hard work and dedication to the students at Key College!

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