Thank you for showing warmth this winter

As winter drew near, we asked for your help to keep homeless and vulnerable young people off the streets and away from danger.

The colder months can be incredibly tough for kids in crisis. Without adequate support, they have fewer options on where they can find somewhere warm to sleep the night and never know if they are truly safe from harm.

Our Winter Appeal, which launched end of May, raised urgent funds for kids in need. And thanks to the kindness and generosity of our supporters, we delivered assistance to hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged young people in Australia.

This included hot meals, access to crisis accommodation, counselling, outreach, and other vital services we would not otherwise be able to provide if supporters like you weren’t by our side.

The outpouring of warmth and kindness really showed. One young person who accessed our services at the time said:

“Thank you so much for showing you care. You’ve given me hope when I was feeling at my lowest.”

We still have a long wait ahead before the weather becomes warmer, but thanks to all of you who supported our Winter Appeal, we are now better prepared to meet the urgent needs of kids in crisis, to help them find warmth and safety when they need it most.

Thank you so much for showing you care!

When we believe in our young people they start to believe in themselves. And when that happens, the transformation is remarkable.

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