Supporting Our Youth In Cumberland

Youth Off The Streets works hard to support our disadvantaged youth through a variety of programs.

One area where our programs are having a lasting impact on youth is in the Cumberland Local Government area with programs such as our Auburn Outreach and the ROSES Girls Program.

At Auburn Outreach our youth workers aim to engage with young people in their own environment, starting with positive diversionary activities and building up their trust. Once trust is built, our team can refer them to services that may be able to assist.

Outreach activities in the Auburn area create a welcoming environment where community engagement is encouraged and welcomed.  Ultimately, this has led to an increase in positive engagement from young people in the area.

The ROSES program is a girl’s program giving young girls the opportunity to learn new skills and engage in various workshops hosted by different youth services.

In recent surveys, young people have stated they have learnt a variety of important skills including communication skills, cooperation skills and teamwork. Through engagement in activities and sports the girls have also learnt a range of athletic skills, positively impacting on their health and development.

Youth Worker, Adrianna Crecca, said this program has been very important for the development of young girls in the area.

“Young people have stated they really enjoyed the program and loved that it was an all-girls program,” said Adrianna.

“We have a lot of activities at Outreach and other services that a lot of boys engage in such as footy and things, so it’s really important for the girls to have a safe place to engage in these activities together.”

A young person from Auburn Outreach also expressed how effective the program has been.

“I’ve been able to experience new things thanks to Youth Off The Streets. I was even able to get a job thanks to one of the Youth Off The Street members. The team put me in contact with Felicity who helped with the interview, writing questions that the interviewing person might ask. “

Thanks to the support of DOOLEYS we are able to continue running these services in the Cumberland area and reach young people in need. We hope to support many more young people in the area to achieve their best for years to come.

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